We have more than three decades of experience in the nuclear energy space.

Frazer-Nash brings world-class knowledge and expertise of the full nuclear life cycle to the Australian market. Our experts work across planning, development, decommissioning and waste management, as well as supporting the development of next generation advanced reactor technologies.

Safety case development

Frazer-Nash brings decades of experience as a Tier 1 provider of services to the nuclear industry of the United Kingdom. Our Australian staff bring extensive knowledge and experience of establishing safety cases for the design, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, across the high standards required of nuclear and radioactive waste management. In everything from seismic qualification to operational philosophy, Frazer-Nash offers world leading expertise to support the development and operation of nuclear facilities.

Institutional capability building

Activities across the nuclear fuel cycle demand a level of institutional capability and knowledge above and beyond other industries. The expert staff at Frazer-Nash provide a resource to the Australian market to develop this knowledge and capability. From the basic science, technology and engineering of nuclear power, to the specifics of establishing high-performing nuclear agencies and organisations, Frazer-Nash can help your organisation on the journey.

Advanced reactors

Nuclear power is an evolving offering, with a surge of innovation, development and commercialisation in advanced reactors. From small modular reactors, molten salt reactors, high temperature gas reactors and beyond, our subject matter experts are engaged across the advanced nuclear arena, working with government and industry on roadmaps to the deployment of new technology to support the energy transition. We can work with you to understand this evolving space, and provide analysis of the potential role of advanced nuclear across different energy use cases.