Our independent technical support will guide your space business towards success.

Frazer-Nash delivers independent technical support to the space sector. Our clients gain competitive advantage with improved systems and service, reduced risks and cost, and professional stewardship through a new regulatory environment.

Proven technical capability in space systems

Our clients benefit from our support in research, development, procurement and operations in the space sector.

Our space professionals provide you with advice borne out of experience in managing and executing space system development, design, acquisition and operations, especially with new and novel technology.

We are knowledgeable in application of the new Australian Space regulatory environment. Combined with our significant experience working in international regulatory environments, we apply our knowledge and technical skills to support your space system development and space activities compliance with the Australian Space Act 2018 and its supporting rules.

We are practiced in the application of the Australian Space Act (2018), drawing on deep experience in highly regulated global industries. We apply this knowledge with proven technical skills to support development of your space business and compliance with legislation and its supporting rules.

Our skills and services

Our support in space systems is comprehensive and includes:

Regulatory compliance assessment

Safety and risk management

Requirements and acceptance management

Technology evaluation, roadmapping and management

Information assurance and security

Space systems design analysis

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