Strategic asset management

We help you to prepare and deliver outstanding asset management to meet growing expectations.

As systems come under increasing pressure to be cost effective, efficient, safe and reliable, the expectations of asset management continue rising.

Organisations need line of sight on what they are spending and where they can save, whether they are managing their risk, and whether their assets are performing to the best of their ability.

Our asset management expertise delivers these insights to our clients; ensuring they gain maximum value from their assets, and the best balance of cost, risk and performance.

Our specialists can help you establish your asset management framework, review your existing frameworks and strategies, and move your organisation towards compliance with ISO 55001.

We help you develop strategies that are aligned with your business goals; support risk-based decisions; and provide the technical and engineering expertise to fully inform the strategy.

Our asset management support includes:

  • Light touch, high level gap analysis against ISO55001
  • Full assessment of people, processes, and systems, vital in advance of certification
  • Development of asset management plans
  • Asset management knowledge transfer for sustainable improvement.

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