Systems engineering management and governance

We bring the knowledge and experience to help you deliver on a professional standard of systems engineering.

Our safe, prosperous, functioning society is so much more than the sum of its parts. It is a system of systems, interacting with extraordinary complexity.

At Frazer-Nash, we are specialists in systems engineering. As this discipline comes to support a greater array of industries and projects, we help our clients deliver on these responsibilities and reap the benefits from well-managed and strongly governed systems engineering processes.

We can support you with systems engineering expertise in everything from discrete technology projects, to integrated industrial facilities, through to the largest and most complex societal systems like major rail infrastructure, development of defence platforms and programs, modern hospitals and health care.

Our services in systems engineering and management include:

  • Capability definition documentation (operational concept document, function and performance specification, test concept document)
  • Model based systems engineering
  • Systems engineering based process improvements
  • Production of systems engineering documentation: systems engineering management plan (SEMP), requirement management plan, test and evaluation master plans (TEMP), etc.
  • Preparation of systems engineering governance frameworks
  • Process audits
  • Capacity requirements planning (CRP).

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