Power transmission and distribution

We provide the innovation, solutions and expert advice to enable the low carbon transition.

Our solutions and advice enable clients to successfully manage assets, balance investments and deliver the changes needed for the low carbon transition. With expert engineers, scientists, economists and analysts, we provide the unique insights required to help your organisation rapidly adapt to change.

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Innovations and solutions

We deliver real value to the power transmission and distribution sector at a time when it is needed most.

We are independent and technology agnostic, enabling us to integrate a range of solutions including software, data and mathematical modelling; new product design; robotics and automation.

Supporting the transition to Distribution System Operators

We help operators manage networks in smarter, more flexible ways, enabling their drive towards Net Zero.

Low carbon technologies

Our multi-disciplinary experience supports organisations to transition to low carbon technology alternatives. We help clients to optimise their networks and assets to support the roll-out of low carbon technologies

Digital asset management

We create digital visualisations of assets and systems to optimise performance, solve problems and drive cost savings. Using modelling and simulation you gain a better understanding of how systems operate, to de-risk and validate new designs, optimise performance, and uncover solutions to challenging problems.

We create Digital Twins that represent your assets or systems in model-form and validate these models with real test data. This allows you to analyse and test your systems or assets throughout their lifetime, optimise their performance, prototype potential design modifications, and predict future behaviour. It typically delivers significant efficiency and financial savings to your organisation.

Power systems

Our power system solutions help you determine how best to operate your networks.
We provide power system solutions to determine power flows, fault levels, motor starts, protection settings and arc energies across public or private wire networks. These help to decide how best to operate your system, to protect personnel and equipment in line with current legislation and industry wide standards.

Enabling innovation-based regulation

Our deep technical knowledge of the evolving regulatory requirements and the future power systems architecture provide a strong foundation for our work. Our experience and understanding of the electricity network business, enables us to manage large regulatory programmes.