Electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles

We help ensure the safety and security of connected autonomous vehicles.

As our cities grow and redevelop, there is a drive towards decarbonisation – to reduce our emissions while improving road safety. Our roads now host a new variety of electric and hybrid vehicles, which require an associated charging and fuelling infrastructure. To ensure long-term energy saving, the energy and storage capacity unused by these vehicles must have the potential to be exchanged with the grid.

Our highly skilled people bring expertise from across a range of technical disciplines – from electronics and smart systems, to modelling and technology roadmapping – as well as an understanding of infrastructure requirements, battery power, safety, cyber security, human factors, business case development, and of how to optimise the interaction of these elements. 

Ensuring the safety and security of connected autonomous vehicles

Our expert teams support the development of safety and security cases for the successful introduction of new technologies, including autonomous systems across a wide range of safety critical sectors. We have helped in the introduction of manned and unmanned air systems, traffic management systems, sea going vessels, rail systems and many others. With over 125 safety engineers who specialise in developing safety justifications, independent safety assurance of systems, operational processes and procedural changes, our skills and experience are supporting the development of safety arguments for the next generation of road going vehicles and infrastructure.

Through our work with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) we also have unique experience in the development of safety cases for Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems, and can apply this to the road environment. Our teams have a deep understanding of ISO26262, SOTIF and other relevant automotive standards. 

Our skills and services

We take a whole systems approach and apply the best practice from other safety critical industries to the roads and vehicle sector.  Key services that we provide include: