Highways and vehicles

We support the clean and sustainable development of multi-modal transport solutions.

Frazer-Nash recognises the challenges road and city users are facing, and that collaboration is key to the successful clean and sustainable development of multi-modal transport solutions, and their integration into our urban environments.

We offer our highways, automotive, and connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) clients support that provides them with a technical and commercial edge. Using our cutting-edge technology understanding and processes, we work with you to:

  • reduce your project costs
  • accelerate programme delivery
  • improve safety and security, and
  • maximise your benefits. 

With a track record of successful collaboration with industry and academia, we have a long history of providing technical innovation that delivers value.

We bring a wealth of transferable cross-industry skills and experience to provide tangible benefits to organisations in the highways, automotive and CAV space. In particular, our asset management, simulation and modelling, and autonomous systems’ experience, can help you to make informed decisions about the maintenance of your fleet, about your city planning, or to successfully introduce or integrate new technology.

Offering whole system support to your decision-making

Industries in the transport sector are increasingly using real-time data to optimise their use of assets, and to provide information to help them make the best decisions. However, there is rarely one source of data, and the many factors that need to be considered in decision-making can make it difficult for humans to ensure an optimised outcome. By delivering tailor-made modelling solutions, complete with user interfaces, we help you to better manage your assets, plan maintenance cycles and clarify and justify the decisions you take.