Professional development and training

We recognise the importance of your personal and professional development.

We recognise the importance of your personal and professional development and are committed to investing in your learning.

Dedicated training and development

As you build your career with Frazer-Nash we want to help you realise your full potential encouraging you to grow as your role develops. That is why we believe that a comprehensive programme of training and development is critical to your personal and professional growth whatever the area of the business you work in. We achieve this in a variety of ways:

  • Company induction: a programme where you will have the opportunity to visit our various offices and meet a range of our people, helping you to familiarise yourself with all aspects of our business.

  • Foundation day: a day off-site run by our directors to supplement your induction programme and to help you to gain a greater understanding of our business.

  • Career development: a programme tailored to meet the needs of your role and to ensure your continuous development.

  • Performance reviews and personal development planning: to help you set, work towards and achieve personal and professional development goals tailored to your role.

Supporting your technical role

Targeted professional development: an ongoing activity to ensure your technical knowledge stays up to date.

Mentoring: providing you with ongoing guidance and support.

Accredited training: if you have not yet achieved Chartered status we will support you. We offer accredited schemes with a range of institutions, including Engineers Australia. As part of your benefits package, Frazer-Nash reimburses your membership fees to a professional institution.