Air systems

We deliver independent technical support to the safety-critical aerospace industry.

Frazer-Nash delivers independent technical support to the safety-critical aerospace industry. We work with the Australian Government Department of Defence, the UK's MOD, leading aerospace contractors, suppliers and research establishments. Our wide range of services provides our clients with a competitive advantage by reducing risk and cost.

Unrivalled technical capability in air systems

Our main areas of work include engineering design and analysis, independent technical evaluation, aircraft performance modelling and air systems design, airworthiness and aviation safety for military aircraft and civil aircraft. Our team of aviation experts has worked on fast jets, transport aircraft, fixed wing and rotary wing, unmanned aircraft and air traffic management systems. We provide advice and technical support to research, development, procurement and operations in defence aerospace.

Our skills and services

  • Aviation safety
  • Airworthiness and certification
  • Aviation regulation and policy
  • Safety and risk management
  • Environmental management and sustainability
  • Independent technical evaluation
  • Aircraft systems design and analysis
  • Aircraft performance modelling and analysis
  • Aerostructures design (composite materials)
  • Dynamics, noise and vibration
  • Gas turbine engine design and integration
  • Human factors
  • Supportability (ILS)
  • Systems engineering
  • Requirements and acceptance management
  • Technology management
  • Cost and capability modelling
  • Software modelling
  • Information security


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