Our selection process

This is our opportunity to get to know each other.

A career with Frazer-Nash will open up exciting new opportunities for you. You will get the chance to work with people who are passionate about what they do.

Applications for this year's graduate programme are now closed.

The selection process

The selection process lets us learn more about you, what drives you, what you are passionate about, what you would like to get out of an ideal career. It also gives you the opportunity to find out more about Frazer-Nash. Is it somewhere you would like to work? What areas you'd like to work in? What benefits it can offer you? You can visit our contact us page to view a map and location details for our offices. The following gives you an overview of what happens once your application has been submitted.

Short listing

We assess all the applications against specific criteria to see how closely applicants' skills, experience and qualifications are suited to the business needs. We will then short list those who we feel could be a good match for Frazer-Nash. If you are short listed you will then be invited to an assessment centre for interview. We will reimburse any reasonable travel expenses incurred when attending your interview(s). If you are unsuccessful at this stage we will notify you.

Interview process

We hold a two stage interview process, usually conducted by two or more Frazer-Nash employees. This is how we get to know more about you, your background and your career aspirations. We also consider aspects like your business acumen, how you are at problem solving, if you have good commercial insight, how you respond to challenging situations, if you are a creative or a logical thinker. Now's the time you can find out more about the company and the job itself - would this be the right career move for you? This process will ensure that the role you are applying is well suited to you and one that you'd enjoy.

Our tips for a successful interview can be found here.

Stage 1: assessment centre and first interview

This interview is for us to find out more about you, and for you to find out more about us. Preparation will help you to gather your thoughts in advance and allow you to think of any questions that you would like to ask. The first interview will include:

  • In depth discussion of your background and experience
  • Technical questions related to the role to get a feel for your technical and analytical capabilities
  • Questions and answers: for you to find out more about us, the work we do and what you will be doing with us

What to bring: When you come for your first interview you will need to bring your passport for identification and a utility bill or driver's licence to confirm your current address. You will also be asked to bring your qualification certificates.

Our 1st Stage interviews usually take place in April.

Stage 2: second interview

We will assess all applicants' first interviews and will then select those that we feel are more suitable for the role; invitations will be issued for the second interview and may be held in a different location to the first one. This interview allows us to discuss the opportunities available in more detail, who you might be working with and the type of work you may get involved in.

Offers of employment

After the second interview we will review all the information, and if successful we will contact you with a formal offer of employment. This offer will be subject to appropriate security clearance due to the nature of our work, and receipt of satisfactory references. To accept the position you will need to sign and return the offer documentation to us within two weeks.

Our offers of employment are usually made in May.

If you are unsuccessful

If unsuccessful we will notify you and we are always willing to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates. Don't be discouraged and keep an eye on our website for other suitable vacancies to apply for. We wish you every success for the future.