At Frazer-Nash we recognise the strain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is putting on our clients and we’re here to help.

We’re highly experienced in helping businesses to plan for the unexpected, and understand how to support you to make the best decisions within a highly complex, changing dynamic. Using a variety of enterprise systems modelling and data analysis techniques, our experts provide clarity and direction to your organisation’s leaders.

Examples of how we can help include:

  • Assessing your operational resilience and your ability to respond
  • Delivering a clear understanding of your ability to operate and maintain your vital infrastructure
  • Assessing the impact of staff shortages, and planning how to best redeploy staff
  • Exploring how to best fulfil your capacity needs at speed, whilst maintaining safety
  • Integrating with Armed forces staff
  • Reprioritisation of programme and project activities
  • Providing understanding of your exposure to risk
  • Clarifying the impact on your budgets and helping you to replan
  • Ensuring your organisation can protect itself against increased cyber-attack

If you need help, reach out to us – because We Care. Please contact us and we'll put you in touch with one of our experienced consultants.