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An update from Jonathan Armstrong, Director - Australian Business

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How we’re delivering success by backing our staff and clients through COVID-19.


For most of us, the month of March 2020 will have presented a unique challenge in our work and home lives. I hope you, your families and colleagues are safe and well and remain so.

Our company values are “we care”, “we are trusted”, “we deliver success” and “we do things that matter”. These have served us well over the past few weeks and will continue to guide our behaviours going forward.

I’m writing to you with two aims in mind.

Firstly, to confirm that Frazer-Nash’s Australian business remains fully operational and is very effectively delivering on the commitments we make. We care applies to our staff and their loved ones: over a single week in mid-March we transitioned all our staff to home working arrangements, commencing with the most vulnerable. We care applies to our clients: our working lives continue to be about understanding your requirements and supporting your success. Our business systems, including Microsoft Teams, have been fantastically resilient during our transition to home working and are great for facilitating ongoing engagement and collaboration. We care applies to our communities: we can work from home and so we are playing our full part in maintaining the social distancing that is proving effective in combatting the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to do so until government and health authority advice changes.

Secondly, to thank you and your team for the consideration given to our staff as you have adapted your own working arrangements. I have constantly seen the very best of human behaviour, with attention paid to individual circumstances and impressive agility in transitioning teams to remote working arrangements. We are all learning from this seismic shift in how we work and there is much to like. I have seen connected leadership, trust, empowered teams and new ways of collaborating, built on the digital tools we use.

Frazer-Nash’s focus on doing things that matter – helping organisations deliver innovative engineering and technology solutions to make lives safe, secure, sustainable and affordable – means that we are a very resilient business. We are backing all our staff and are here to help you today and for the long term.

Stay safe, keep well and we look forward to helping you deliver success through these changed times.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Armstrong

Director - Australian Business