Organisational resilience

We work with you to embed organisational resilience into your business, helping you anticipate, respond and adapt to threats.

Malicious attacks and natural hazards, along with more sophisticated threats to cyber and physical security, are increasing risks to businesses, people and assets. The British standard in organisational resilience, BS65000, sets out how organisations can demonstrate their capacity to anticipate, respond and adapt to threats. We can work with you to embed these principles into your organisation.

Working with you to increase resilience

At Frazer-Nash we can work with you to embed BS65000:2014 into your business – instilling the principles of organisational best practice, whilst enhancing levels of performance. We can help you to become more agile, adaptable, productive and competitive by:

  • Helping you develop your approach to BS65000 by developing strategy and plans to support resilience management
  • Making an objective assessment of your organisation's resilience: using a blend of proven tools and methodologies tailored to your needs
  • Identifying critical dependencies between functional disciplines and help you manage them more effectively
  • Providing technical and engineering advice appropriate to your business
  • Supporting your investment decisions.

Our skills and services

  • Emergency planning and response
  • Safety assessment and management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity management
  • Cyber security and resilience
  • Supply chain management
  • Human factors
  • CBRN defence
  • Change management
  • Environmental management
  • Physical security
  • Risk management