About our VPN

With so many of us now working from home, we thought it best to publish some advice on the VPN and best practice to make sure we can all work effectively:

  • The VPN can only handle 250 people on each connection (Bristol 250 and Dorking 250). Sometimes you may notice being unable to connect one of these services - please try the other. Most people default to Bristol, so Dorking usually has a lot more capacity
  • We advise, where possible, to work without the VPN. If you can connect, then copy files to our new OneDrive service, or locally to your laptop, then disconnect from the VPN - that will help everyone who needs to connect to do so


Working remotely and with clients – hints and tips


Choose your workspace sensibly

Joining a Frazer Nash Microsoft Teams Meeting: a client’s guide (PDF)

Outlook and Teams: please let us know where you are!

As you may know, Teams uses your Outlook diary to reflect your current status. If working remotely, please include this in your diary and reflect this in your Teams online status (adding your preferred method of contact as a status message, if needed).

Connecting with Clients and Suppliers

Following the recent trials of remote working and other testing, you should be aware of the Teams capability which allows screen sharing with third parties. Be sure to make sure you are working securely by checking the policy before you start.

From an external user point of view it is possible to use either the full Teams app or a browser version, which give slightly different experiences. Which one the 3rd party uses will depend on whether they can install the desktop app or not:

  • If their organisation runs Skype, then they have to use the browser.
  • If they cannot install apps themselves (like Frazer-Nash) they will need to use the browser. 

If using the browser, there is slightly reduced capability:

  • You cannot take control of a shared screen (either direction).

If using the desktop app

  • The Frazer-Nash person is able to take control of a 3rd party shared screen, but not in reverse.

Capabilities that work are: voice, video, screen sharing and chat.

The encryption in Teams is acceptable for up to MOD Official-Sensitive.

Some customers/suppliers may lock down access to Teams via a web proxy or similar – unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that so please manage each case separately.

For any questions – ask the security team.

Patching of vulnerabilities

Patching of vulnerabilities is the front line protection against malware, and keeping your computer up to date with the latest security patch releases is really important.


Two actions you can do to help are:

Make sure you reboot your laptop, if it prompts you to following an update.

If working off site for longer than a couple of days, periodically connect to the VPN (via Cisco AnyConnect VPN service) for 4+ hours to allow patches to download and install. This is particularly important now that you no longer require the VPN service to access Email and Teams, for many, reducing the need to connect for work purposes.

Due to the critical nature of patching, it features in Information Assurance standards like Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+), and, due to our connection to the RLI, MOD mandate actions and reporting against vulnerabilities that they view as very serious.

Thank-you for your attention, if you have any queries please contact the Service Desk by logging an incident on the Service Hub.