From Neil McDougall, Tuesday 24 March 2020

Following the announcement from the UK Prime Minister yesterday evening, we in the UK are clearly entering a new phase in our fight against the COVID-19 virus.

As a business we are well prepared with the majority of colleagues already working from home. Some work will continue to be required to be completed in our offices and so our offices are moving to an “accessible with prior arrangement” status. Basically, please check your local office arrangements and make the call to the co-ordinator before starting your journey if you must visit an office. For those working on client sites and identified as key/critical workers, we will be in touch during the day to inform you of support arrangements for travel to those sites.

In Australia we are moving towards a similar model to the UK. By the end of this week all of our offices will have transitioned to what Jonathan is calling an “open but unstaffed” model, with staff working from home.

The imperative here is that we all follow our government guidelines and do what we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. With that in place we then need to think about how we can best support our customers to deliver their key operational requirements in these difficult circumstances. Conditions may not be ideal, but we must remember that we have some tremendous capability and are in a really good place to help other people and businesses through this.

I have too many examples to list of people looking out for each other in the business whilst doing outstanding work for customers or keeping our systems going. As Amy Bott wrote to me this morning:

"Times of uncertainty bring out the best and the worst. This is an epic WIN for the best …”

Thanks Amy.