I hope everyone managed to get some relaxation over the weekend in what are very challenging circumstances. The situation is evolving and the advice from government has changed in both the UK and Australia. We must respond to this and I’m pleased to say that I think we are in a good place to do so.
In the UK the guidance has changed to “work from home if at all possible”. So for our UK employees, if you are already working from home we’d ask that you continue to do so. If you are a UK employee and not already working from home, then please talk to your line manager so that we might take the necessary steps over the next day or so to enable you to do so if at all possible.
In Australia, the situation is more complicated because of the different stances taken by State governments. Our working from home trial on Friday was a complete success, and we actually had a lower load on our systems yesterday with more staff working from home, but some on customer provided systems.  Jonathan will be providing separate guidance on Tuesday morning as we transition to a pattern of working from home.
In the current situation our technical support is needed more than ever. We need personal support, too. We are all going through personal challenges, some heightened by the virus, some caused by it. Please look out for each other – I know it’s happening – we need to be there for each other through change as we transition towards the new normal.