From Rob Burge, Thursday 12 March 2020:

The first stress test of our UK IT systems was conducted on Wednesday and was a success for the 100 staff who worked from home. A few issues were reported around our ‘O2 connectivity’ which are being worked on as a matter of urgency.

As communicated, our second stress test will take place tomorrow (13 March) in the UK. Those working in the following offices are asked to work from home:

Narrow Quay




As with our first test, I am assuming some of you will not be able to work from home at such short notice. Please make every effort to comply if possible.

[Update: further to my earlier email, and now we know the numbers working in NQH, we will be closing NQH tomorrow, Friday 13. All staff that normally work in NQH should be working from home or base themselves out of the Cube].

These and our other UK offices will remain open and Workplace are asked to ensure all offices remain open for those unable to work from home.

Please also ensure our customers receive the same excellent service as usual during this time.

Further communication will be issued to those staff asked to work from home later on today. 


Please note the following only applies to those staff members in our Narrow Quay office, Burton office, Warrington Office and Glasgow Office that can work from home

Following my email earlier, this stress test may highlight some issues or challenges with working from home. We want to collect all of these issues so that we can address them and hopefully eradicate them. In order to do so I would request that you please do the following:

  1. If you can’t access the Frazer-Nash systems from home please call 01179 468955. This is the direct dial to the Frazer-Nash It Helpdesk (x1000).
  2. If you can connect, any problems that affect you working should be raised through the Service Hub (
  3. For any other issues, niggles or observations, please make a note of them. We want to collate these on Monday so that we can address them.

Workplace employees will ensure the office remains open for all staff that cannot work from home for any reason. If you try to work from home and are unable to, please travel to the office and work from there as usual.

Thank you for helping us to stress check our systems.