From Rob Burge, on behalf of the Board, Wednesday 11 March 2020:

In order to reduce the risk to our staff of infection from Coronavirus, we have decided to take a number of initial actions. These actions are focused on reducing the amount of person to person contact we have during the working day.

The actions are:

  • Please undertake all internal meetings of four people or greater over teams rather than face to face
  • Please only travel between offices when absolutely essential
  • Please try where possible to conduct client or supplier meetings electronically rather than face to face
  • We aim to enable Teams meetings with clients and suppliers by the end of this week. Please investigate if clients or suppliers that you are meeting over the next few weeks, can connect via Teams.   

These actions will be reviewed, added to, or modified as the dynamic situation and threat of Coronavirus unfolds. These actions are focused on the UK only; we will introduce similar actions in Australia at the appropriate time.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself or Keith Sarney.