News & Events-Frazer-Nash to present at SIA conference

Frazer-Nash consultants, Dr Ian Watson and Dr Stephen Webb will be presenting at the 3rd Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) Technology Conference taking place in Adelaide from 16-19 November 2015.

Ian will be presenting on the topic 'Harnessing developments in battery technology to enhance in service submarine capability'. He will discuss a study, undertaken in 2014 by Frazer-Nash for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), to evaluate a range of submarine main storage battery technologies, with the aim of advancing operational performance in a number of areas.

Ian's presentation reviews the various candidate technologies, explores the opportunity to develop a superior battery solution, and discusses how the benefits of enhanced battery technology would be applicable for both diesel-electric and nuclear powered submarines.

Stephen's presentation, titled 'Co-ordinated command and control for Maritime Autonomous Systems derived from spacecraft docking technology' outlines a system design for the command and control of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). The system, AAOSN (adaptive autonomous ocean sampling networks) mission definition and update system (AMDUS), allows AUVs to track dynamic features such as oceanic fronts, cetaceans and oil spills.

Stephen's presentation describes the work conducted by Frazer-Nash in order to develop the theory of the system, the technical requirements, and demonstrates its fundamental operation through example scenario simulations in the MATLAB/Simulink software suite.

The 3rd SIA Technology Conference is being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre with a three-day program reflecting this year's theme: 'The Future Submarine: Australia's greatest Science, Technology and Engineering Challenge?' 

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