News & Events-Ageing aircraft conference - Frazer-Nash to present papers

Simon Di Nucci and Anthony Kwong will be presenting at the Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference (AA&S 2015) in Brisbane, Queensland.

Aircraft Software Certification Strategy - 11:50am Wednesday 22 July

Simon will be presenting a paper on a software certification strategy that was successfully used on a UK Military Aviation project. Certification is a hot topic in the aviation domain as many aircraft now rely on the use of computers and software in embedded systems that control safety-critical equipment. The presentation will outline the approach taken to independently assess the level of compliance with an international software safety standard DO-178B.

Simulation of Helicopter Ditching and Post-ditching Dynamics - 3:30pm Thursday 23 July

Anthony's presentation will look at the key factors associated with a ditching assessment, and the challenges faced by scale tank tests and numerical modelling. There will be an opportunity to discuss the use of Frazer-Nash Consultancy's HydroDyna software which can be used to simulate initial ditching and the post-ditching stability of helicopters, as an economic alternative to scale tests. Comparison to scale test and real event ditching transients will be presented and the benefits of using simulation over constrained tank testing to understand post-ditching stability will also be discussed.   

About AA&S (Australia) 2015 Conference

The 2015 Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment (Australia) Conference is being held on the 21-23 July at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Brisbane, Queensland. The conference is for the benefit of all those who operate and sustain aerospace vehicles, military or civilian, large or small, manned or unmanned. The target audience includes engineers, technicians, maintainers, owners, operators, analysts, scientists, logisticians and managers.

The Conference focuses on all aspects of Airworthiness, Sustainment and Ageing Aircraft factors (