News & Events-Frazer-Nash presents at AMPEAK

On Tuesday 3rd June, Supportability Engineering expert Martin Brown will be presenting a paper at the Asset Management Council's national AMPEAK conference in Perth, Western Australia.

Asset Integrity Management - A Structured Approach - 10:30, Tuesday 3rd June 2014. Martin Brown, Alexandra Knight, Dr Steven Wagstaff,


The key learning points of Martin's presentation include:

  • Why a targeted Asset Integrity Management (AIM) strategy should be considered whenever the structural integrity of an asset could have an effect on its through-life cost, safety or availability;
  • How an AIM strategy is typically implemented within an overarching Asset Management programme;
  • How Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is one approach to delivering a cost-effective inspection and maintenance regime. 

The presentation will conclude with a case study where RBI was identified as the most appropriate AIM approach for managing the integrity of submarine tailshafts.


About the Asset Management Council's AMPEAK conference

AMPEAK is the leading national conference of the Asset Management Council, a Technical Society of Engineers Australia and a founding member of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management.  The Asset Management Council unites professionals, organisations and global leaders from asset intensive industries.  The annual conference connects individuals facilitating the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge of Asset Management.