News & Events-Frazer-Nash presenting at the 3rd International Conference on Protective Structures (ICPS)

Dr Janet Wilson and Dr Anthony Kwong will both present papers at the conference to be held between 3rd to 6th of February 2015 in Newcastle , New South Wales .

The conference will focus on protection of engineering infrastructure against natural and man-made impacts and explosions from ordnance, earthquakes, vehicle impacts and terrorist attacks. Frazer-Nash actively supports clients in the protection of engineering infrastructure across the defence, energy, resources, transport and industrial sectors.

Dr. Kwong will be presenting a paper on weapons effects entitled 'Weapons Effects Modelling for safety Applications'. This paper first describes how a variety of computer-based models for the prediction of the development and propagation of blast pressures can be used to provide a detailed assessment of the risks associated with explosions in complex environments - something that is sometimes impractical with simpler techniques. An example is then provided which demonstrates how the assessment has been used in support of a real safety case.

Dr Wilson will be presenting a paper on sympathetic detonation entitled 'Sympathetic Detonation Mitigation Barrier Modelling'. This paper describes the modelling and how it aided understanding of the performance of various configurations of barriers; and in particular how it explained the successful performance of high-density polymer foam barriers in certain shape and stand-off configurations.


About the International Conference on Protective Structures (ICPS)

The Newcastle conference follows the successful 1st ICPS in Manchester in 2010, and 2nd ICPS/ISIEMS in Potsdam in 2013. The conference will focus on protection of engineering infrastructure (buildings, bridges, ships, pipelines, dams, etc.) against natural and man-made explosion and impact actions from terrorist attack, military ordnance, accidental gas explosion, earthquakes, and vehicle impact with structures.

The conference will have four main themes:

1) Numerical methods and simulation of explosion and impact loading effects and structural response;
2) Weapons effects on structures;
3) Strengthening and mitigation measures for infrastructure protection; and
4) Experimental studies and full scale tests.