Engineering management-Why Frazer-Nash?

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Our Systems Approach helps us respond to your challenges. We work with you to understand the whole range of financial, operational, organisational, people and other issues that surround your technical needs. And we use this understanding to deliver demonstrable business and technical value.

We provide clarity and insight:

  • We simulate complex enterprise and management level problems, modelling scenarios to optimise bespoke solutions and to identify the right course of action, recognising regulatory, financial and performance constraints
  • We support your decision processes by applying engineering financial analysis. We help you make wise investment choices and help you measure and improve performance to get the best value for money
  • We support you through organisational change and improvement, making sure your people, processes, assets and services all work together ‒ ensuring your business is robust, secure and resilient
  • We embed commercial thinking into your business. We help you develop business cases, make the right investment decisions and work with you to make your ideas a commercial reality
  • By focussing on your organisation's security and resilience, we can protect your core services and help protect your brand.

Working with Frazer-Nash can make a real difference:

  • Our approach is collaborative. We actively transfer knowledge from us to you. We make sure you understand the 'why' as well as the 'what' and the 'how' - and in the process we help reduce risk, increase your resilience and deliver value for money
  • Our solutions are pragmatic and tailored to your needs. We use our engineering and management expertise to understand your business and then we work with you to provide what you need ‒ supported by a justification and rationale
  • We use our engineering, project and commercial expertise to provide a fully rounded solution
  • The depth of our knowledge base means we can transfer the skills, experience and best practice from one area to benefit our clients in other fields. Our expertise comes not from a single perspective, but from detailed knowledge of a broad range of disciplines and their application across different markets.