Critical systems-Train Zero


Bombardier Transportation

Business Need
To optimise the process for train design


Train Zero enables an innovative approach to systems integration using Model Based Design. This offers Bombardier the capability for integration, testing and refinement of new rolling stock much earlier in the design process. Train Zero enables Bombardier to design and manufacture the next generation of rolling stock to be safer, more reliable and have enhanced performance.


  • Developing the business case and requirements for the facility and engineering processes
  • Developing the concept (hardware, software and mechanical)
  • Specifying simulator hardware and supplier down selection
  • Developing, implementing, testing and deploying the simulation models
  • Developing the software interface and configuring the simulation environment


Our approach will reduce the time taken, significantly reduce the risk and cost to develop and deliver new Rail Systems. Specifically we can help you to:

  • Confirm the characteristics of all system components, and reduce any incompatibilities that may require modifications during early development stages 
  • Provide confidence in system development to customers from early project stages
  • Engage with key suppliers and promote commonality of systems
  • Enable a more efficient verification and validation leg of the Systems Engineering Development V-lifecycle resulting in a shorter overall development cycle
  • Specify more efficient testing resulting in fewer unexpected faults
  • Provide support to projects throughout their warranty period


Rail Business Awards 2015 - Winner Best Technological Innovation

National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards 2016 - Winner Global Category: Transportation & Heavy Equipment

"Train Zero testing facility has the potential to revolutionise the design process of the next generation of rolling stock." Railway Technology