Your benefits-Salary, superannuation, bonus and shares

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Salary, superannuation, bonus and shares

At Frazer-Nash, we're committed to providing a benefits package which is commensurate with your role, responsibilities and industry experience.

We enable you to make adequate provision for retirement through membership of our parent company's superannuation scheme, where the company makes contributions to your fund. Successful applicants will receive information shortly after joining.

Our employees are important stakeholders in the company and share in its success in a way that is directly linked to our profitability. Providing the trading conditions are met, we distribute a bonus pool to all eligible employees. 

If you wish, you can also buy shares in our parent company. Shares are bought from money deducted through payroll. Of course, the value can go down as well as up and you may need to take independent financial advice if you decide to choose this benefit.